Why App When Real Estating?

Why App? Maybe your phone is absolutely FULL of icons for apps you put to good use daily for everything from shopping to counting steps, avoiding commuter traffic to finding only the best locally sourced food restaurants. OR perhaps you fall into another category altogether….you know the type. Only the apps that were on the phone upon purchase remain. Download what?!? Why? I can get it on the internet. Face palm. Seriously.

I cannot even explain how many times I’ve heard my own husband utter those words. My ongoing reply….”you know it would work correctly if you just downloaded the app.” His blank stare in return is the human equivalent of the straight-faced emoji. I digress, for the most part.

Why app when real estating? Because!! Not only will it enhance your overall home selling or home buying experience, but it may actually make information more accessible and easier to process. Often times, I hear clients state that they, “did not want to bother me or their lender” with a late night question-let’s be honest, some of the best questions are the ones that pop into your brain at 1am-and then they cannot seem to recall exactly what the question was the next day. Being empowered by having information at your fingertips can often prompt even more in-depth conversations between you and your professional assisting alongside your journey. Creating a more educational and cohesive experience with your Realtor gives you a lasting impression of your own confidence when buying and selling.

Without further ado…..the FIVE most useful apps to download and keep handy when buying OR selling real estate:

  • Houzz-The question I hear the most often from prospective sellers in our current is market is, “How can I get the most bang for my buck in making those last minute updates before my home goes live?” Houzz has THE most awesome tool, allowing you to swap out and make reno changes seeing through prospective buyer’s eyes BEFORE making the investment. As always, your Realtor can make suggestions and offer statistics BUT seeing the updates you would like to do as the seller beforehand is priceless.

  • Homesnap-Snap what???? Yes, Homesnap. Snap a picture of any home, for sale or no and have the stats in the palm of your hand. Seems too easy? Trust me, it is. Homesnap Pro exists for Realtors as well with MLS integration and on the spot CMA availability. Which as we Pros know, is a game changer.

  • Magic Plan-Are you a visionary only in your dreams? They’ve got the Magic Plan! If you are anything like me, I really struggle with reconfiguring a space. While I try to channel my inner Joanna Gaines on demand, she just never responds. This app allows you to create and recreate floorplans to your liking. Divine!

  • Mortgage Calculator App-Last but certainly not least! Available for iphone and ipad only, the classic Mortgage Calculator app has been consistently rated the best out there. Run by Quicken Loans on the backend, but sans the annoying pop-ups and sign-ins on many of the others.

Bottom line, the adage rings true, “there IS an app for that,” and why not utilize the tools to make one of the biggest purchases of your entire lifetime more comprehensive, easier to understand and spark your own creativity, inner HGTV fan?! Leave the intricacies to the pros!