Waiting Until the Holy Grail of Spring to List your Home? You are Wrong.

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Sorry not sorry. The weather outside is truly frightful here in the Miami Valley this January and the buyers are still delightful. Why? Perhaps it is the possibility of additional interest rate increases in the coming months? Price increases of 7% across the board?

If you are unsure what 7% looks like…it could (gasp!) change the type of home you are qualified to purchase. No joke. Kelly Fillback of Caliber Home Loans states that particular 7% increase, coupled with rising rates could potentially change your monthly payment by nearly $200/mo. Yes, you read it correctly, $200/mo can knock you out of your dream home. Pre-approved last year, and unsure now? Text/call Kelly @937.219.7353 for the latest info!

Back to the Lecture at Hand:

The truth is, there are several reasons why it is not always advantageous to “hold off until spring” curious? Read on!

  • Transfer Season. I will be careful with this one, with the ongoing government shutdown playing a role in economies across the States, what we would normally dub “PCS Season” we will stick to titling as transfer season for now, despite the fact we are located adjacent to WPAFB with many folks experiencing a hit with the furlough. A multitude of companies not affiliated with the GOV transfer or relocate during the first quarter of the year while funding is strong and allowing the transferee to adjust early on.

  • Your Realtor has more time for your property. Truth. As an added bonus, your Realtor (me? Of course) may be ready and excited to try some fresh marketing techniques. As Realtors, we are always excited to test and try new ways to market your property BUT during the busy season we tend to fall back to what is tried and true, because hey, during the “busy” season we are exactly that…busy.

  • Faster? WHAAAAAAT?!! But how??? Some stats support lower days on market (even in northern/colder climates) during the winter months. One theory is that buyers are less likely to plod through many homes when things are cold, slushy and let’s face it…nasty. In the summer, the home search is more enjoyable…i.e, pseudo HGTV HouseHunters.

  • Low-Low-Low. Here in the Miami Valley, inventory is LOW. Stop kidding yourselves, buyers ARE looking, there are very few properties in highly marketable condition out there. Ready, set, list.

Wondering what “highly marketable” REALLY means? We will unpack that specific slice of heaven for Realtors and buyers later this week….STAY TUNED.

Jessica R. Maloney is proud to be part of the

RE/Max Victory family. Licensed in 2010, a Daytonian since birth. She prides her business on expertise of the entire area as well as creating a fun & enjoyable experience for clients.

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