I Can List it Myself

The market is great. We can sell it ourselves. I cannot even explain to you all how often we hear this as Realtors. It is true. You can sell it yourself. You can also work on your own vehicle, sell your own vehicle, put in your own windows, tile, flooring, backsplash, paint your own home, pull your own teeth, take your own photographs, even represent yourself in court if you desire to do so. Ladies and gentlemen, one thing we can ALL agree on, if you choose to endeavor in any one of these ventures as a DIYer, you will have DIY results.

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We can also all agree that we know and understand what that looks like, on any of those topics. It is blatantly obvious to the rest of the world that a professional did NOT do the flooring, trimwork, painting, dentistry, photography or court representation. If the entire process goes smoothly, success is reachable. What about the times a hiccup is encountered? Or God forbid an actual issue? There is a reason we are considered professionals, a damn good reason.

We are not simply licensed, we are seasoned, and we know the ropes. If you’ve made the mistake of hiring a Realtor in the past that was less than professional, not completely dedicated to the VERY important undertaking of selling or purchasing your home, shame on you. Not prepared to tackle issues, or so young within the industry that he/she has not yet had the pleasure of encountering a potential transaction crusher, no network of individuals to guide or offer forward thinking advice early on in the process to keep issues at bay. New issues do arise, ones that even a seasoned agent has not dealt with. A high volume producer completely overwhelmed without the proper assistant.That individual, my friends is a licensed agent, NOT a professional Realtor and yes, there is a difference. Some have even been in the industry for years.

You absolutely can save some money, and opt not to pay a professional, slap it on Military By Owner, or even a discount broker via Zillow these days, and put that baby under contract. Maybe even quickly. Perhaps you are savvy with a camera and can take some great shots of the home to showcase the best features. Maybe your partner is in marketing/sales and brokers deals all day long, surely capable of handling any little ripple that may come along with the easy task of selling or purchasing a home.

It turns out there are loads of legalities involved in the process. Shocking to some I’m sure, as they are not things the layman watching HGTV re-runs would really encounter. The glamorization of the process is laughable. Sure, they show some problems folks encounter, contractor deadlines missed, going over budget, especially on a large scale remodel or a new home. The, gasp, multiple-offer! Which by the way, is a VERY real scenario despite what many folks choose to believe.

What if the buyer on your home is through the inspection process, you have repaired/replaced every single thing they’ve asked for resulting in $2000 in costs, the appraisal comes back at value and the buyer decides to buy another home a week before closing? Because newsflash people, most buyers continue to pop open that Zillow app, even when they are under contract. But you have an accepted contract on another property, scheduled to close the same day? Your belongings are packed, the movers scheduled, you have even purchased items for your new home? Whaaaaaaat??? A contract is a contract, correct?

In this scenario, let’s say you had your home up for sale as a FSBO, you have direct contact with the buyer and they have sent you the above information via email, in writing. You decide to pick up the phone and call them directly without hesitation. How can they do this to you? Do they not understand how much you have riding on this sale?! Angry words are shared on both ends, the call ends abruptly. The spouse calls back later in the evening asking why all of the hostility, you threaten to keep their deposit (if you were clever enough to obtain one) resulting in a court battle, two additional months on the market, two additional housepayments, you were unable to release the contingency on the home of your dreams, had to let that one go, and the funds spent on the items you had purchased that were dream home specific. Oh and your next buyer, the one that came along two months later because you STILL refused to hire a professional….there were repairs they wanted completed as well.

Turns out, after all of that time and money lost, you could have hired a professional. When the buyer got a little sideways and wanted to back out and purchase another home, their agent contacted your agent. Because again, these things happen, but when diffused professionally, with tried and true tools and tactics that REALLY work, the buyer looks at the other home, weighs things out and moves forward with the purchase of your home after having the opportunity to consider other options objectively. Worst case, they end up backing out anyway, due to proper verbiage/handling, you are awarded the earnest money, your agent contacts every agent who has shown your current home and similar properties within the last 30 days, and you are back under contract, having only lost a week of time, able to delay on the home of your dreams.

Sound like a play for an open relationship? Guess what? It already was one, you just didn’t know. This is just one way things can go sideways, it happens more often than you would expect, but the professional handling often allows these situations (and many others) to go undetected, unnoticed, handled by a pro who doesn’t panic and likely has dealt with the exact same situation on one side or another often in his/her career.

We’ve got more, the unshared, the uglier side of real estate, I’ll be sharing some of the ripples and tidal waves that can occur and how professional Realtor’s negotiate or heed them off at the beginning. Learn the value of hiring a professional.

Realtors, send me your stories, collab or anonymously, either way, let’s collectively educate the public on our value. Know your worth.