3 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Memorable in 2020

While 2020 will no doubt be one for the books, scheming up ways to make this Holiday Season memorable in a positive way is not as simple as hitting the "easy" button. Read on for 3 short-cuts to improve upon this nauseating socially-distanced Holiday.

Glammed up Tablescape

1-Glam Up your Tablescape

Take some time to tap in those old spaces of creativity and lose yourself in the design of a beautifully stunning, over-the-top tablescape. Less people can mean more space to lay it on thick, use the special China, silk napkins and light those real candles!

2-Try your Hand at Mamaw's Special Recipe

Photo Cred~Oh So Delicioso

Bust out that classic recipe you have never had the guts to even attempt with an audience. If it's a "nailed-it" outcome, the fewer witnesses...the better. Personally, I will be trying my hand at my Mamaw's infamous homemade stuffing. I have been down this road before and was unsuccessful.....send your positivity my way!

3-Ring Up ALL Your Auntie's for Familial Zoom Bingo

Trust me, it is worth the extra screen time. Put those ladies you laugh with the most up on the big screen, indulge in those wholesome laughs and endure the family stories you will otherwise miss! The family Bingo party has been a tradition in our family for many, many years, gathering around the table, sharing snacks and fighting over trinket-sized gifts is one holiday staple we absolutely cannot miss in 2020.

The last 8 months have been taxing to say the least and with no reprieve in sight, at least in our neck of the woods in Ohio, the Holiday Season is the perfect time to pivot and let some of the demands of regular life ease away. Try these three ways to switch up your Thanksgiving and prepare to kick 2020 out the back door!