Growth Season?

Maybe not. 2020 has been many things for many folks, but a season of growth is likely NOT at the top of everyone's list for this year. Joel Osteen's theory, "Every season is not a harvest. There are seasons of watering, planting, pulling up weeds and fertilizing." Have probably never been more clear than this enormously weird year we would all, as an entire planet, like to put in our rearview.

However, I have had many friends and colleagues who have experienced growth of a lifetime. Burgeoning sales numbers, taking risks and opening new businesses amid the closing of others. Economic downturn and incredible strife for some and releasing of long held financial burden for many others.

It has been confusing at best, this odd economic scenario created by this unexpected curveball of a pandemic. Politics and societal issues aside, it is no wonder that we are so divided as a nation. Service and healthcare workers who have always been overworked and underpaid have been absolutely run into the ground this year in an effort to simply make a living. SO many peers have been lucky enough to pull back and work from home-not that this path is without strife-but certainly without the daily pull/stress/decision of potentially endangering their families each time they leave the home to make a living. Workers who were deemed essential earlier in the year are now spent and have very little energy left for another wave of pandemic surge. Nevermind personal growth.

Over here, I have had my best year ever as a Realtor, soaring numbers far exceeding my goals, more 5-Star Reviews than I ever thought possible and yet, these high, professional highs are not without a price. With children home either virtual learning or twiddling their collective thumbs, for 8+ months, a spouse who had previously spent a considerable amount of time away from home, now sharing an office, a kitchen that never seems to stay clean and don't forget Da Boyz.....our home team of a 75lb Goldendoodle and a hell raising 6lb Teddy Bear pup there is NOT a corner to hide in this expansive home. Our collective chaos is met with confusion by our WAH friends who haven't been THIS bored since the 80s. I'm taking a breather.

While everyone else is complaining and/or not heeding the advice of medical experts, I will be happily obliging and hanging out at home. Eating homemade OR special treats from our favorite, locally owned restaurants. St. Anne the Tart, offering some INCREDIBLE alternatives to traditional Holiday Fare for indulgence if you are looking to support local. Speaking of local...We-my fave colleague Stephanie Clemens and I, are working on compiling a list of great local spots to go along with our #joyfuljourney weekly series where we spread joy to those we know and love with tiny spots of joy on Wednesday mornings! Time to do a little harvesting and fertilizing for the coming months. Cheers to a lighter, more enjoyable and simple season on the horizon for ALL!